Israel – HiDef Mp3, the first high-end audio process for mobile and cable networks

hdbanner (large)    The audio quality is simply unbelievable! Now there is an opportunity to listen to  and enjoy music videos that have HD audio files that will “knock your socks off” absolutely free.




Tuvia Wertheim

Audio Developer & Producer of HDAudioPlus “HiDef Mp3”

What’s “HiDefMp3”? The only audio post process for 320k 48khz HD from your Smartphone , Ipod, tablet – you name it! Hear it on this music video commemorating the London Olympics and Diamond Jubilee from my HD stream, Baroque 24/7

  • A new standard in digital audio quality
  • Produced especially for mobile and streaming networks
  • Universally compatible with any device or OS
  • Remastered in HDAudioPlus HiDef Mp3
  • YOUR recorded music can sound like a million bucks on any device. Drop me an email today for more information!


Tribute to Barbra Streisand and the People of Israel ( from Paula Wertheim on Vimeo.

 James Ingram & Michael McDonald – Yah Mo Be There (


Carly Simon – Nobody Does It Better

Carly Simon – Nobody Does It Better ( from Paula Wertheim on Vimeo.




Psst..there’s a lot more HDAudioPlus music video awesomeness just waiting for you on our Vimeo channel!


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