Jesus: First-Century Rabbi

david_zaslow  I have had the great pleasure of learning with Reb Zaslow at the Annual Jewish Men’s Retreat in upstate in New York . Reb. David is also an unabashed supporter of Israel. This book is long overdue and hopefully will be a healing for both Jews and Christians alike.





The book “Jesus: First-Century Rabbi” published by Paraclete Press is based on top notch scholarship that shows that the historical Jesus lived his life as a religious Jew, and whose teachings were solidly rooted in what would in later centuries be called Rabbinic Judaism. The book repudiates replacement theology and anti-Semitism, and at the same time honors the unique features of Judaism and Christianity. Although the theological Jesus of the Church may seem different than the historical, religiously Jewish Jesus, understanding history can only serve to confirm one’s faith. You can order the book from your local bookstore, and it is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from Paraclete Press. The book was written by Rabbi David Zaslow with Joseph A. Lieberman.

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