Israel’s Good News Week of Sept. 1, 2013

hebrew university  Developing “science fiction gadgets” at the Biodesign program of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Medical Center (Photo: Hebrew University / Hadassah Medical Center) highlights include Israeli students have designed a medical device to counter obesity. An Israeli biotech has developed cures for malaria and sleeping sickness.  More wounded Syrians have been treated in Israeli hospitals.   Israeli scientists have produced a plant to survive extensive droughts.  Israel has launched a new telecommunications satellite.   Israel is producing winning wines in the Golan and in the Negev desert.  An Israeli woman won gold in the Judo World Championships.


Non-invasive medical solution to obesity.  Students from the amazing Biodesign program of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have done it again, with a gastric sleeve to block food absorption and counter obesity.  Doctors insert the sleeve down the throat and via the stomach to the duodenum, without surgery or anesthetic.
Radio waves get rid of wrinkles.  The US Food and Drug Administration has given its approval to Israel’s EndyMed for its non-invasive anti-wrinkle and rhytide treatment.
Keeping heart patients out of hospital.  Following an agreement with a US medical services company, heart monitors from Israel’s NI Medical’s will be in use at nursing homes across the United States.  The Non-invasive Cardiac System (NICas) significantly reduces the number of repeated hospitalization of cardiac patients.
The 4th best healthcare in the world.  In Bloomberg’s latest ranking, Israel’s healthcare is only surpassed by Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. The study compared life expectancy; per capita cost of health care and cost as a percentage of GDP per capita. The UK came 14th and the USA 46th.
Cures for malaria and sleeping sickness.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Israel’s D-Pharm Ltd has announced positive results for its treatments for human African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) and malaria.  D-Pharm’s Membrane Active Chelators regulate metal ions in the cells that are disrupted by these parasitic-born diseases.
Israeli farmers donate beef.  For the upcoming High Holidays Israeli farmers across the country are donating 1.5 tons of beef to feed 350 needy families in Hadera and the surrounding area.
5 Arab schools switch to Israeli curriculum.  Five Arab schools in East Jerusalem have decided to switch from the Palestinian to the Israeli curriculum.  Jerusalem’s city council said the schools had made the switch so that their students could study for the Israeli bagrut (matriculation exam).  The PA is not happy, however.
Israeli soldiers dance at Arab wedding?  A controversial youtube video showing Israeli soldiers in uniform being carried on the shoulders of Palestinian Arabs in Hebron has gone viral.
How to change the world.  Big feature article on the wounded Syrians being treated in Israeli hospitals. Meanwhile, another two wounded Syrians were brought for treatment to Ziv Medical Center in Safed on Friday.
Factory for medical start-ups.  The Hebrew University’s Biodesign Entrepreneurship program is Israel’s first medical innovation accelerator. Student teams take clinical problems from Israeli and American hospitals, evaluate commercial potential and design a solution, protected by a patent application.
Making dentures in minutes, not days.  One of the latest medical innovations arising from the Hebrew U’s Biodesign program (above) is a tool that measures the mouth exactly, without the traditional putty method that dental technicians have been using for 100 years.  The process is fast and painless, producing perfect dentures.
Plant freezes itself to avoid droughts.  Israeli scientists from Kinneret College have genetically engineered a plant that can withstand droughts by ‘freezing itself’ after not receiving water for a certain period of time. The plant then ‘returns to life’ after the water supply is renewed, without any damage to the plant’s structure.
Cleaner, healthier and cheaper than bottled water.  (Thanks to Nevet – )
Israeli start-up Woosh installs and maintains Drinking Water Vending Machines in major cities.  Woosh cleanses recycled plastic bottles and fills them with purified water.
Touch the glass to control the light.  Israeli startup Gauzy has invented smart glass that goes from transparent to opaque with just a touch. Too hot?  Touch the glass and the sunlight is blocked.  The glass can even be used for refrigerators to see what’s inside without opening the door.
Where did I put that scalpel?  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Every surgeon’s nightmare is no longer a problem for the 2900 US hospitals belonging to Premier Healthcare Alliance.  It has just awarded a contract to Israel’s Haldor Advanced Technologies for its unique RFID systems to manage the location and use of surgical instruments.
Smart way to learn a language.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Israeli start-up helps you to learn a new language by indexing the Internet and feeding you appropriate texts based on your vocabulary.  You take quizzes and via a Chrome plug-in offers you a personalized educational service.
Using our brains.  Israel’s position at the forefront of brain-computer interface is further enhanced by a new competition called “Brainihack” at which neuroscientists, artists, designers, robotics experts etc. will develop viable products in one weekend.  Meanwhile Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart used his brainwaves to produce a light show at his concert in Jerusalem.
The world’s first everlasting solar battery.  Another article about Israel’s Sol-Chip and its solar-powered battery that never needs replacing.
Israel launches Amos 4.  The satellite Amos 4, built by Israel Aerospace Industries and operated by the Israeli company Spacecom, has been launched successfully into space from Kazakhstan.  The satellite will provide services such as Direct-to-Home, video distribution, VSAT communications and broadband Internet.
“Significant signs of gas.” Gas and oil have been detected at the Yam 3 well, 16km off the Israeli coast West of Ashdod.  And now Egypt wants to buy natural gas from Israel.
Israeli desalination system for Asia.  An unnamed Asian country has bought $75 million worth of desalination unit from Israel’s IDE Technologies.  Each Multi-Effect Distillation (MED) unit can produce 24,000 cubic meters of fresh water a day with low energy and low maintenance requirements.
Golan heights winery wins top award.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) On the eve of its 30th anniversary, Israel’s Golan Heights Winery has won the coveted 2012 Wine Star Award from Wine Enthusiast Magazine in the New World Winery of the Year category. The award is a first for an Israeli winery.
Wine from the desert.  Israel is truly making the desert bloom – with vineyards.  What better location to get a really dry wine than the Negev desert.  No need for pesticides here, because pests cannot survive.  And the harshest climate produces the best wine.
Israelis in New York.  A new app has been launched that locates all the Israeli companies in New York.  “IsraeliMappedinNY” comes on the back of the previous successful app “Mapped in Israel”.
Israeli system safeguards US port.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) The Port of Richmond in Virginia has deployed the wireless surveillance network from Israel’s Radwin, to enhance security throughout its 121-acre port facility.
Haifa launches ‘Metronit’ System.  The Metronit uses special extra-long, fast buses, with several doors to allow for quicker pauses at crowded bus stops.  It provides the advantages of a light rail system without the years of road works involved in creating a train line.  They are now planned for Tel Aviv and Ra’anana.
Italian masterpiece to exhibit in Israel.  (Thanks to Hazel) To celebrate the launching of the Italy-Israel Foundation for Culture and the Arts, Florence’s Uffizi Gallery is loaning Botticelli’s magnificent 50-meter Renaissance fresco, The Annunciation, to the Israel Museum in September.
Bus stop libraries expand.  Following the success of the pilot at Kfar Saba and Haifa, a new bus stop library has been launched in Petah Tikva.  Mayor Uri Ohad said “Thanks to this project, every resident and pupil will be able to enrich their knowledge.”  (Hebrew video is of the scheme in Haifa)
Irish dance troupe in Ariel.  Nice to see entertainers from the Emerald Isle performing over the Green Line.
There’s more to sport than winning.  As the national anthems were played prior to a friendly soccer match in the Ukraine, the Israelis shielded a group of children lined up in front of them on the field from the blistering cold and the rain.  Israel lost the match 2-0, but won much support for their compassion.
But it’s great when you do.  Yarden Gerbi, from Netanya, won the gold medal in the women’s under-63 kg class at the Judo World Championships in Rio de Janeiro. Yarden recorded ippons – judo’s knockout – in all five of her fights.  When Hatikvah – Israel’s national anthem – began to play, Yarden burst into tears.
Where to cool down.  Janglo has compiled a list of the top water parks in Israel.  If you’re not on the beach, and/or you’re looking for something a bit different, try one of these amazing locations.
Why is Israel so bad at public relations? Good article by P. David Hornick. His conclusion is that no matter how much effort and money Israel spends on advocacy (i.e. defending itself), those that hate us will always hate us.  That’s why I now try to change the conversation and just publicize all the good things that Israel does.
New Year stamps.  (Thanks to Jacob Richman) The latest issue of beautiful Israeli stamps includes silver etrog boxes and children’s songs.
Share your love of Israel.  (Thanks to Janglo) Now there is a Nefesh b’Nefesh on-line dating site for Aliya-minded individuals.
Was he sent from above?  George Lichter, who passed away on Aug 2nd aged 92, was a hero of Israel’s 1948 War of Independence when his skills as an ace pilot were crucial in testing and flying 50 modified Czech Messerschmitts to Israel.  He then taught Israeli pilots, helping to established the Israel Air Force.
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