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Week of June 16 2013 Great News from Israel

3684            Israeli researchers have discovered a new protein that can save women’s lives. Israeli technology prevents scars both during and following surgery. Israeli doctors successfully delivered the conjoined twins of a Palestinian Arab woman. The Hebrew University has given an award to the Israeli who saved the bees. Google bought Israel’s Waze for a record $1 billion. Jews, Christians and Moslems cheered as F1 racecars roared through Jerusalem.  An inspiring speech by the UK’s Chief Rabbi at London’s pro-Israel rally.


New protein can save women’s lives.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered a protein code-named PEDF that treats pain and fertility problems in women suffering from angiogenesis of the uterus.  It can also cure potentially life-threatening side effects caused by IVF treatments.
Good results in cancer vaccine trials.  Israel’s Vaxil Bio announced strong immune and antibody responses in Phase I/II trial patients receiving injections of its ImMucin cancer vaccine.  A reliable source informed me that Vaxil paid to transport one of the cancer patients from Gaza to Jerusalem and back for his regular treatments.
Israeli cancer centers in Moscow?  At the “Moscow Days in Israel” economic conference in Tel Aviv, Mark Groysman of Africa Israel announced plans to develop oncology centers in Moscow.  Over 500,000 Russians contract cancer each year, where there is a lack of medical devices, equipment, doctors and clinics.
Israeli glucose monitor approved.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Israel’s Integrity Applications has received CE Mark approval for its non-invasive blood glucose measurement device. GlucoTrack’s ultrasound, electromagnetic, and thermal earlobe sensor obtains blood glucose measurements in less than a minute without drawing blood.
China to use Israeli Hepatitis Vaccine.  Israel’s BioLineRx has licensed its BL-8030 oral treatment for the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) to China’s Jiangsu Chia-tai Tianqing.  Approximately 43 million Chinese suffer from Hepatitis C – a chronic and debilitating disease.
Treating illness through the skin.  Marganit Cohen-Avrahami of the Hebrew University has won a Kaye Award, for her development of nano-structured gels containing skin-permeable proteins to treat illnesses without causing many of the side effects accompanied by oral-based medications.
All eyes on your loved one.  The Amity platform from Israel’s Xorcom provides 24/7 remote supervision for the elderly or infirm, whether they are alone, in sheltered accommodation, or a hospital or nursing home.  Sensors and cameras monitor pulse rate, breathing, movement; even checking if the stove has been left on.
Children will breathe easier.  (Thanks to Israel21c) The Inspiromatic smart dry-powder inhaler for children from Israel’s Inspiro Medical has just passed a critical clinical trial at Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petah Tikvah.  The Inspiromatic has an internal micro controller and flow sensor that dispenses the particles of medication at the right time and of the right size, without need for forceful inhalation.
Scarless surgery.  Israel’s Eon Surgical has developed technology to perform microlaparoscopy – a single minimally invasive surgical procedure through a tiny incision in the abdomen. Even before selling its first product, Eon has been bought by US giant Teleflex, indicating that Eon’s technology is exceptional.
And scarless closure.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Even if you need a major operation – such as a caesarian – Israel’s IonMed will ensure you won’t have unsightly scars from the stitches.  BioWeld1 uses cold plasma (partly ionized gas) to weld together the openings from surgical incisions.
Gaza weekly deliveries:  In the week ending 8th June 2013, 1239 trucks carried 35,177 tons of goods into Gaza from Israel through the Kerem Shalom crossing.  They included 302 trucks of food and 433 trucks of construction materials.
Palestinian Arab’s conjoined twins born in Israel.  In an extremely rare case, Hadassah doctors performed a four-hour caesarian operation to deliver “Siamese” twins, sharing a heart, weighing 4.9 kg.  The mother, Basma from the Arab village of Yatta near Hebron, is now back home with the twins, under medical observation.
More Syrians treated in Israel.  Two more Syrians wounded in their country’s conflict were brought into Israel for treatment last week. The IDF transported them to the Ziv Medical Center in Safed, to get emergency care.  One of the Syrians treated the previous week had a note from his Syrian doctor with details of his injuries.
Israeli activist promotes women’s rights in South Sudan.  Ophelie Namiech, has made Aliyah to Israel and serves as Israeli humanitarian aid organization IsraAID ‘s country director for South Sudan.  Namiech trains social workers, community leaders and teachers to be able to address gender-based violence.
20 years of repairing homes.  Over the last two decades, 24,000 volunteers have helped Israeli charity Livnot U’Lehabanot repair over 2,700 houses for the less fortunate of Israeli society.  It is just one of Livnot’s many projects at the core of its mission to bring immigrants and native Israelis closer to the Land of Israel.
Israel is a smartphone superpower.  57 percent of Israelis have a smartphone – up from 35 percent last year – and the highest global annual increase.  Only the UK (62 percent) is higher in smartphone ownership.  But Israelis beat the world when it comes to smartphone usage (Internet, apps, maps etc).
Israeli oil protects vegetables from pests.  (Thanks to Ophir) The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture has approved the use of “Tamar Tech” pesticide based on non-toxic and edible oils. When sprayed on the plants in the field or in the greenhouse it protects leaves, stems and fruits from attacks by insects, spider-mites and fungi.
Chinese rice – Israeli style.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Israel’s Evogene is working with Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group (DBN) to increase fertilizer uptake and drought tolerance in rice.  Evogene has discovered several candidate genes and these will be introduced into DBN’s pipeline for the development of improved rice.
Another Israeli safe driving device.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Israel’s Cellocator has launched Cello-IQ, a driver safety and eco driving solution, designed to improve fleet safety and reduce fleet operation costs.  Over one million vehicles have a Cellocator device. (Now we just need these installed in every Israeli car!)
Keep cool on your bike.  Israelis Arik Bar-Erez and Kobi Rein have invented Q-Fog – the world’s first spray device for cyclists.  The lightweight Q-Fog provides 400 sprays of cooling water that evaporates of your body.  The Israelis are now seeking funding via crowdsourced fundraising site Indiegogo.
Israeli technology wins top Network award.  Israel’s RAD Data Communications won the 2013 NetEvents Technology Innovation Award for “infrastructure equipment and innovative solutions to Service Providers’ current challenges”.  RAD’s MiNID device configures nearly any telecom equipment just by plugging it in.
Israel is top in cyber security.  Tel Aviv University hosted the 3rd International Cyber Security conference just as Israel found it was ranked as the world’s leader in cyber security – up from 19th place in 2012.
Israeli awarded for saving the bees.  Professor Ilan Sela of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has been awarded first prize in this year’s Kaye Awards for Innovation.  Sela discovered the IAPV virus responsible for Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and then founded Beeologics, the developers of CCD treatment “remebee,”
Israeli wins top Blackberry award.   Gadi Mazor, Chief Technical Officer of Israel’s OurCrowd, has won the Blackberry Achievement Award for Entrepreneur of the Year.  Gadi developed Nobex Radio for BlackBerry – an innovative mobile radio app that has reached over 12 million registered users.
UK-Israel bilateral trade up 21%.  Trade between the UK and Israel increased from $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion in the first quarter of 2013.  Exports from Israel to the UK increased by over 50 percent.
The long goodbye.  Governor of the Bank of Israel, Professor Stanley Fischer has begun his wind-down to retirement.  He has already taken his leave of the Knesset Finance Committee and the Bank of Israel will host a professional Farewell Conference in his honor on June 18.  A great national asset – he is a hard act to follow.
Google buys Waze for over $1 billion.  Traffic crowd-sourcer Waze became one of the largest purchases in Israel’s history.  Waze, founded in 2008, now has nearly 50 million users. The ability to produce such a high-value application is also very good news for Israel’s growing hi-tech scene.
Welcome stars of Latin America.  US hasbara organization America’s Voices in Israel brought five major names in Latin media to Israel. Among them was Don Francisco, the Chilean host of Univision’s “Sábado Gigante,” the longest-running entertainment program in history.  Francisco, born Mario Kreutzberger, is Jewish.
Two Israeli kickboxing world champions.  Israel’s Sara Avraham – an Indian convert to Judaism – is the new Muay Thai kickboxing world champion in the 60-63kg category for the 16-19 age group.  She joins her Israeli friend Nili Block who is the world champion in the 52-56kg category for the same age group.
The peaceful roar of Formula 1.  On the streets of Jerusalem 100,000 spectators – Muslims, Christians and Orthodox Jews – cheered as the roaring state-of the art Formula 1 racecars sped by.  There was not one incident of violence.  Elizabeth Awwad, of east Jerusalem, said “I am Muslim and they are Jewish, and we are together.”
Israel the stabilizer.  (Thanks to Michael Neifeld) I don’t usually post political articles, but this one by Professor Norman Bailey in Globes seemed particularly positive (for Israel) in the way it summarizes what has happened to the Middle East in the two and a half years since I started these newsletters.
Colombian President visits Israel.  Juan Manuel Santos Calderon, Israel’s most loyal ally in Latin America, was received warmly in Jerusalem. He signed a free trade zone agreement between Israel and Colombia, an air services agreement and a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in matters of innovation.
The Memphis Israel Festival.  Two of Memphis Tennessee’s most famous personalities – Elvis Presley and Martin Luther King – were pro-Israeli.  But it is still amazing that a US state with only 9,000 Jews held its 6th annual Israel Festival that attracted 13,000 visitors.
“Israel is a blessing not just to its citizens but to the world.”  UK Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks gave an inspiring speech at the “Closer to Israel” event in London.  He listed dozens of Israel’s innovations and humanitarian activities as well as the successful lives and the benefits that Arabs enjoy in the Jewish State.
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