Dr. Schroder: Genesis and the Big Bang Part 1


Proof of Big Bang Seen by Space Probe, Scientists Say

Proof of Big Bang Seen by Space Probe, Scientists SayThis is a re-broadcast of a 2009 interview by my dear friend and co-host that has recently passed: Yoram Getzler z”l


Author of Genesis and the Big Bang; in which he shares his discovery of harmony between modern science and the Bible. Dr. Gerald Schroeder Phd earned his doctorate in earth physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also authored The Science of God and The Hidden Face of God. Dr. Schroeder lives and teaches in Jerusalem


In this is the first of three interviews, we range over the connections between the six days of creation as described in the Hebrew Bible and the cutting edge of scientific theory regarding the origins of out universe. We also discuss evolution; the amazing and exact unique placement in the cosmos of this planet that allows for life here.

Dr. Schroeder also describes his inspiration by the Ramban, Rabbi Moses ben Nachman (b. Gerona, Spain 1194; d. Land of Israel 1270) whose teachings were heavily influenced by the Kabbalah.

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