Lapid on Religious Pluralism in Israel and Jerusalem Unfiltered

    ylapid  YAIR LAPID   itamar Itamar Ben-Ami. Yair Lapid the leader of the new Yesh Yatid party with 19 seats in the new Knesset and Itamar Ben-Ami grew up as a devout member of the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox Jewish) community, and made the controversial decision to leave religious school and enroll in secular university. He gives us an insider’s perspective of the insular Haredi neighborhood Me’a Shearim, and his own thoughts on how the community has evolved.


This film is part of Jerusalem Unfiltered, a transmedia documentary that brings you directly to the streets of Jerusalem through the voices of the city’s most innovative and passionate young citizens. The project includes an immersive website, a mobile app and a documentary film, “Battle for Jerusalem.”

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