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The Potential is a Challenge – Israeli-Arabs

By Yoram Getzler. Good Brother; Dear Steve (from America/Aim Raikah) I really wanted to thank you for putting-up the inspiring story of a man you call “…a gutsy Arab kid from the Galilee”. I think this is truly one of those “A MUST READ” I usually find less than compelling or important. This story is a very exciting to read of such a profound every day kind of reality in Israel, which is in fact important and significant.


“It is about the true time of the Mashiach” It is about true and full humanity in a place where it should not be a “story”. It is another “story” of the mostly un-tapped potential contribution of the Israeli Arab community. I will never forget what was for me a first in this genre.

Over the years I have been introduced to an Israeli-Arab from the Technion, (The Israel Institute of Technology) who had done breakthrough work on a non-invasive artificial nose, that can detect cancer and kidney diseases. He was on TV with some other outstanding young innovators honored by Israeli president Shimon Peres. He was also featured in our blog http://israelseen.com/2012/02/23/top-ten-weirdest-science-stories-from-israel/and on Israel21c >http://israel21c.org/people/the-artificial-nose-that-can-detect-cancer/<. What I find inspiring is that we have this large mostly untapped human resource population known collectively as Israeli Arabs/ We know very little about them. The representatives they send to speak to us via our Parliament are a collective group of insensitive angry hostile adult children with an attitude. They stimulate nothing but bitter disappointment and hostility among their fellow Israeli citizens who are not Arabs. And all this, without any help from any other Israelis. It seems that most of their electorate would gladly become productive proud citizens of this country if we would vote only yes on wisdom, and humanity. (Which of course is what Judaism is really about) and shut out the unpleasant sounds emanating from the Arab Knesset caucus. .

What I also wanted to write about after so much of my previous writings have been concerned with the Situation; Iran, is the tragedy of exactly the opposite happening in real life, in both Jerusalem and in the Israeli coastal area.

First (in order to which I learned about them): Interestingly in the story/blog immediately preceding the one about “…a gutsy Arab from the Galilee” was the also a positive story by Khaled Abu Toameh from the Jerusalem Post. He wrote and you chose to post a quickie about the government partial opening of the gates from the West Bank/ Judea & Samaria wider and allowing Arabs from the PA to visit and enjoy the Israeli coast in honor of the end Ramadan. The story tells of the thousands who had an opportunity to enjoy a day at the beach and in a big sophisticated city like Tel Aviv.

Also a WONDERFUL “story”.

Yet a few days ago there was also a story (with video) of an Arab man who brings his family to a water park near Tel Aviv and somehow gets involved in trying to stop a brawl by some local (Israeli) youth. In the ensuing chaos the police confront him and continue to taser/shock the man even when he is on the ground helpless. Part of the tragedy is that this has also happened to “normal” everyday Jewish Israelis.There have been other videoed episodes of police abusing citizens, some of whom are already handcuffed. BUT, still its all but impossible to miss the “Arab abused by Police” side of the story.

Second, and most disturbing and embarrassing for a proud Israeli; several Israeli teenagers in Jerusalem beat up some Arab youths.

Here we are talking of 15 year old Jewish children acting like (19) 34 year old storm troopers.

Now, that it has gotten all the way down to children feeling empowered to demonstrate that “might is right” and to prove once again that the strong and many of the majority can successfully assault the few and weak of a minority,… and most important that there will be adults who will justify and defend these children.

One of them; in his own words: “Yes, I was there,” said the boy, who police suspect was the first of the group to strike the victim. “He insulted my mom. So I caught him and beat him. I hit him and I hope he gets it again. I hope he dies. You can’t go by Damascus Gate without getting stabbed. So why do they come here? I beat him and I’d beat him again.”(JP Aug 20 ’12)


Again, thank you; for “the gutsy young kid from the Galilee” and the inspiration of what we all could be gaining with some wise policy on the part of our government and the leadership of the Israeli Arab citizens.

…and by-the-way let us not forget the other huge creative potential that appear to be locked up in our yeshivot . We need all of it to save our people, our land, our world.


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