Docaviv 2012 Film Festival Tel Aviv – Israel

By Steve Ornstein. I spent t most of the day watching  student films  at  Docaviv. The  annual event at the cinematic theater in Tel Aviv. My wife and I, thought we were going to see one student film but we were pleasantly surprised that we were able to watch all 7 entries.


From 10am until 3pm with two breaks we watched all 7 heart wrenching documentaries.  The films were about Israelis, from all walks of life and experience. In each documentary the  subjects openly shared  their unique challenges, hopes and desires.

What amazed me was the sensitivity and respect every film maker brought to their subjects.

Each one was a winner in their category as far as we were concerned.  Information on all of these films can be found below.


Gracie, a Filipina who came to Israel to look for work 20 years ago, married an Israeli man and bore him three sons. Since then she has lived with a split identity: half Filipina – half Israeli. She divorced, rediscovered her sexuality, entered a relationship with a Filipina and opened a beauty salon at the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. The film follows Gracie, torn between shifting identities, whose deepest desire is to create a real home for herself and her Israeli children.



Israel 2012, 41 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

On our birthdays, we used to play ‘Treasure Hunt’ with dad. He would hide riddles around the house that we were to find and solve to get our gifts. Since then things changed. Today, at 32, I set on a new treasure hunt to try and rebuild my family. The trouble is that it is hard to tell between the grownups and the kids.

Director, Production, Script, Cinematography & Research: Nadan Pines
Production Company: Bezalel, Academy Of Art And Design, Jerusalem
Editing: Hadas Kapon
Soundtrack: Rafi Chen
Music: Tal Yardeni, The Aprons
Print Source: Nadan Pines ( CV



Someone To Hum With

Israel 2011, 43 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

They only meet over the airwaves. They do not see one another yet they feel like a family. On a national radio show, they choose a song and hum, opening their hearts, sharing their emotions. A parallel reality that lasts 3 hour a week, after which “true” reality shines again.

Director, Production, Script & Research: Itay Zur
Production Company: Sapir College
Editing: Lior Netzer
Cinematography: Ziv Kesten
Soundtrack: Arnon Afriat
Music: Zach Drori
Print Source: Sapir College ( CV



Israel 2011, 32 min, Hebrew, Hebrew & English subtitles

In 1962, Ruth Flez realized a childhood dream when she founded “Beit-Or-Li”, the first private senior citizens’ home in Tel Aviv. At the age of 85 she leaves her home across the street, and moves into the senior citizens’ home she founded. She becomes a resident who is still trying to run the place. She has a hard time releasing her previous role and battles against the inevitable advance of age.

Director, Production, Script & Research: Ofer Freiman
Production Company: Tel-hai College – Film And Animation Department
Editing: Keren Rosenfeld, Ofer Freiman
Cinematography: Achmed Abu Arisha, Tamir Weinberg, Asaf Gik, Ofer Freiman
Soundtrack: Gadi Raz
Print Source: Ofer Freiman ( CV
Remind Me Who I Am
Israel 2012, 37 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

Nissim Aharon does not remember who Nissim Aharon is. Four years ago he was fired from his job, Fainted and when he woke up he could not remember a thing. Medically his brain is fine, but Nissim does not remember his wife and children. He cannot even remember what a woman is. An unusual personal story of an ordinary man who woke up one day with no identity, and yet must go on with his life.

Director, Production, Script & Research: Yael Michaelson
Editing: Iris Ozer
Cinematography: Itai Raziel, Itay Landau
Print Source: Yael Michaelson ( CV



PinPoint of Light

Israel 2012, 48 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

Love and terror, life and death, commitment and the longing for a child, shape the first two years of marriage of the director and his wife.

Director, Script & Cinematography: Ariel Chen
Production: Ariel And Chana Chen
Production Company: The Maale Film School
Editing: Yael Kaniel
Soundtrack: Mitch Clyman
Print Source: The Ma’ale Film School ( CV




Israel 2011, 41 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

After many failed attempts, Yoav finally succeeds in finding a place where he can be alone: a mountain between minefields and Syrian army relics. Building his home fills his life with art and creativity, connects him to the place and its history, and protects him from the difficult and painful confrontation with society.

Director, Production, Script, Editing & Cinematography: Tamar Kamrat
Production Company: Tel-hai College – Film And Animation Department
Print Source: Tamar Kamrat ( CV



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