Cherry Apple and Almond Blossoms – Spring in Israel

“Yes, it’s Spring in Israel, and as the weather warms up a bit, there are plenty of cherry AND apple orchards up in the Golan and Upper Galilee that are now in full bloom. Nothing like an orchard full of cherry trees in full bloom to make you feel all warm and mushy.

Here are a few pictures our friend Izzy Keren took at the weekend at Ein Zivan on the Golan Heights: can you tell which are apples and which are cherries?”

Thanks to igoogledisrael




Early spring in Israel can be captivating and enchanting, especially for those of you who love stunning landscapes and amazing fauna.

At this time of the year, the winter rains have usually dumped a fair amount of much-needed refreshment to the parched and rather brown hills and valleys of Israel. And within just a few weeks, that brown landscape transforms itself into a stunning bed of blooming wild flowers and grasses.

Perhaps the most stunning bloomers are the orchards of almonds, found throughout Israel, from the hills around Jerusalem to the hills of the Galilee. They are instant pull-your-camera-out moments, that first time you see a beautiful orchard in full bloom…

And here are five great pictures of the almond blossoms currently wowing the Galilee hills in Israel…enjoy!







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