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Cyber Or-5 The Age of Light

And the journey continues once again . Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dror continues to unpack the secrets in the Biblical texts. Sculpture by International Artist Phillip RatnerLight-rather than matter, or energy, or time – is foundational to the universe. It is the metaphor of light that we can use to take us beyond the information age and into the dawning of the Age of Light.


So writes Hazel Henderson, the well known futurist, in her article on “The Age of Light”.

(In the “The New Paradigm in Business”, edited by Ray and Rinzler;

Tarcher Publishing).

It seems to me that if we are looking for a single element that can help us to do our “boundary crossing” (Ivri, Hebrew) into our future it is one of the facets of Light.

Hazel Henderson continues:” Light as an organizing principle for the future demands a shift from the old paradigm “inert” of classical physics to the world of organic living system perspectives of biology and ecology. Light implies energy and demands action. Light both illuminates and inspires. Light is the essence of nature’s technological genius”.

The Age of Light has been foretold in most of the religious and spiritual literature of the world. In our case, it is the first manifestation by God in the Creation Epic of the Bible.

The Age of Light lies beyond the information age. The information age is no longer an adequate metaphor for the present, let alone as a guide to our future—our crossing our boundaries.

She continues in suggesting that the Age of Light carries the profound metaphors to many levels:

“First- it is based on RE-membering and RE-wholing of human perceptions and paradigms.

Second- this new paradigm and worldview represents a new synthesis between Western science and religious and spiritual traditions, as it embraces purpose and meaning as foundational to human life.

Third- the dawning of the Age of Light augurs the current reintegration of ourselves into a new level of awareness of the needs of the gene pool, as we engender ever greater risks to future generations with our technologies… We are finding a new place for humans in the cosmos and new significance for the human journey on this earth.”

As part of this journey we are not only dealing with how we cross boundaries on earth but also beyond earth and into space.

So in a real way we are dealing with

Geographic space,

Inner space,

Cyber space,

Outer space.

What a journey!

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