More Than 410,000 Israelis Demonstrate – Celebrate – For Social Justice

It was a site to behold. I participated as well as organized some very successful demonstrations against the war in Vietnam in the 60’s but never have I experienced  such a demonstration and support  for Jewish ethical and moral responsibility.

Young and old, from every walk of life  shared in this celebration of Jewish consciousness and responsibility. One voice and one demand that the  government step up and stop  the greed by the cartels and the lack of free markets that result in artificially high prices in every sector of the economy.  It is also an expression of discontent with the government holding over 90% of the land in the country and not sharing it with the people by providing inexpensive housing through out the country. Participation of Israelis from every corner of the country produced one voice crying out to the government that we have had enough of  your insensitivity to the needs of the people.

By Reena Keren:

when i was coming in from putting candies on my son in law’s car, a neighbor was coming back from the march- on his bike

i asked “were you there”?
“yes- i went to film it because it was history & i wanted to have it on film.”
he has a 1 year old daughter

we were both beaming


We have brought the experience to you by podcast, video and pictures.


Here are a few of the pictures from the demonstration: Pictures by Steve Ornstein and Yona Wiseman












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