Red Sea Jazz Festival Begins in Eilat – Southern Israel

One of the classic events held annually during the hot, sultry Israeli summer is the Red Sea Jazz Festival.


The internationally acclaimed festival is usually held at the end of August in Israel’s most southern resort of Eilat, and is now a major factor in Eilat’s summer tourism (not that it was ever deserted through the summer months, as Eilat is the destination for hordes of Israelis (mostly families) in July-August).

Thousands of people from across the world, as well as those Israelis who love their jazz, plan their trip around this festival so they can catch some great jazz artists, some jam sessions and even jazz master classes. And with a unique, relaxed atmosphere, the Red Sea Jazz Festival is a must-see for any jazz aficionados…

Of course, Israel’s most popular tourist resort also offers plenty of sun, coral reef and good times, in addition to the jazz (check out our guide to the things to see and do in Eilat) but just be warned it’s extremely hot in August in Eilat. Don’t be surprised to see the thermometer reaching for the 50 degree threshold now and again…but never fear, the humidity is not as nasty as in Tel Aviv!

This year the Red Sea Jazz Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary over the usual four days (this year from 21st to 24th August), and has a variety of special events to celebrate, including CinemaJazz, which basically means special screenings of performances over the past 25 years, and a unique Photography Exhibition displaying the greatest photos of the last 25 years.

Performers will also be playing on the Eilat promenade for the benefit of the masses (free) and watch out for the now legendary late night jamming sessions which are open to all, and usually last until dawn. The place to be this year is the pool of the Isrotel Yam Suf hotel close to the port area; at around midnight grab yourself a seat, something cold to drink, and relax!

Musicians from around the globe will be there including legendary harmonica player Grégoire Maret and amazing Jazz pianist Eddie Palmieri, as well as Israelis Yael Deckelbaum and the Israel All Stars, among others.

But check out the Festival’s website for updates on who’s performing where and when and how to buy tickets (there are three concert venues and a variety of passes available): I’d send you over to their Facebook page too but it’s entirely in Hebrew…

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And here’s a taste of what you can hear at the Festival…


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