Interview Irit Rosenblum – Israel NGO New Family – Promotes Individuals Right to Establish a Family

Interview with Irit Rosenblum the founder and chairperson of New Family. Irit has been active in the public arena since she began practicing law over a decade ago. Over the course of her career, she has stood out as an innovative young leader fighting for equality and social justice.


The former Legal Advisor and Director of the Department of the Status of Women at WIZO Israel has worked on crucial issues such as violence in the family, problems of single parent families, the status of women in society and the plight of women denied divorce by their husbands. She led the campaign which brought about the establishment of a law requiring the rapid sentencing of offenders accused of violence against family members. Irit was elected to the Local Council of Shoham and holds the education portfolio. She is a member of the Israeli Bar Association and a presiding judge in the police disciplinary court.

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