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The Prophets of Israel – What is their role in the ongoing negotiation between man and God – Part I

We have the incredible good fortune to once again listen to Dr. Zohar Raviv in this new five part series: The Prophets of Israel. This first session will examine prophets within the conceptual context of theology – what is their role in the ongoing negotiation between man and God. Some questions examined in this session. What is God? Why did God create the world and for what purpose? How are we to respond to the theological charge? How do humans – both as individuals and as members of a community – to shape every aspect of their lives and align themselves with God’s plan space, time, clothing, speech, ritual, liturgy, diet government, economics, art…every aspect of human life is subject to theological scrutiny and therefore calls for articulation in the religious realm. Fascinating and totally compelling.


If you want to contact Dr. Raviv for any reason his email is:


Dr. Zohar Raviv is a world-renowned educator of Judaism, whose academic and professional experience span Israel, North-America, Europe, South-Africa and Australia. Raviv holds a B.A in Land of Israel Studies (Bar-Ilan University), a Joint M.A in Jewish Thought and Education (Brandeis University), as well as an M.A in Near-Eastern Studies and a Ph.D in Jewish Thought and Mysticism (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor). Raviv recently assumed the position of Chief Education Officer for Taglit-Birthright Israel, after finishing his tenure as Assistant professor of Jewish Studies at Oberlin College (Ohio)


Once again I want to thank our wonderful coordinator Anat and Alma college for making these series of lectures available in English.

Below are links to Zohar Raviv’s previous lectures. I strongly suggest you visit them at your leisure. They are powerful examples of the dynamic interplay that philosophy, theology and religion plays in our every day lives.

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