Goodbye Dear Friend – Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dror – July 19, 1934 – April 29, 2011

My heart is crying for you my dear friend and brother. Your soul has touched so many people and your love has brightened this troubled world. I will miss you so much.

My Friend, spiritual playmate and star wars fanatic has dropped his body and freed himself from his struggle to stay on this earth.  My first response was an uncontrollable cry. The pain of not having him here to talk to and to share our latest ideas and vision for the future of the Jewish nation and for all humanity has not quite sunk in yet.

This man, educator, Rabbi, meditator, Jewish-Zen master and devoted husband, father, grandfather and best friend lived life to the fullest. We have shared our happy and sad moments together. We have shared our love for the Jewish experiment and our hopes for the future.

Moshe’s wit, intelligence and ability to articulate his thoughts and ideas  had me riveted to every word he shared. His love of Liz, my wife and our children was genuine and sincere. He appreciation for our hospitality only made us want to do more to comfort him during his last trip to Tel Aviv to hang out and work on his projects for

Moshe’s devotion and deep love for Simcha, his wife and children never ceased to amaze. He was a grateful man and a generous spirit.

As a long time loyal friend we shared many laughs together and shared many meditation experiences including a 7 day silent meditation retreat as roommates.

This event in particular solidified an already deep relationship we developed over the years. This retreat culminated in a surreal taxi ride to Haifa and the train home. We were two “wide-eyed mad-men” traipsing through the train security entrance as if we were invisible. The young security guard just looked at us and smiled and never asked  us to open our luggage.

All I remember Moshe saying while waiting for the train to Tel Aviv was that this meditation week was the best “high” he had in a while. I agreed, smiling so hard that my jaw ached. We hardly spoke any words but had much to say in the silence we shared together. Our service during this meditation retreat was in the kitchen cleaning up. It most probably was one of the best moments we shared together. Although we did sneak away for about a half-hour like two little kids and went to the kibbutz store and had an ice cream. It tasted like Turkish delight. We just laughed uncontrollably for an endless amount of time.

So now I have lost a very special friend and playmate. We had so many ideas and projects we wanted to do together that are now just unfulfilled dreams.

I am crying tears of sadness having lost a cherished soul that I have been so blessed to love and to be loved by. In spite of my sadness the memories of us together truly lights up my inner world and makes this outer world that much better and hopeful.

If you can hear me Moshe, I love you, miss you and pray that you are now part of the all knowing light that shines in us all. If you get a chance put in a good word with the great ONE .

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