Reena Keren – Creating Well Being by Living ON PURPOSE

Reena keren, a psychotherapist & spiritual teacher living in Tel Aviv, incorporates her academic background with the life lessons gleaned on her own journey of recovery. Her formal studies include B.A. and M.A. degrees, a certificate in family therapy and studies in creative arts therapy & addiction prevention.

Reena, the daughter of a prominent conservative rabbi who grew up in Philadelphia, developed a severe eating disorder which nearly took her life. In 1984, after years of abusing her body, she became very ill. It was only by facing the possibility of her own death that Reena was able to gather the strength & courage needed to break through her addiction. Today, 27 years later, as she continues to heal & enhance her own life, her mission is to help others do the same. “One doesn’t need to be an active addict in order to do a ‘tikkun’* on their lives, to improve their sense of well being. Today’s world is as complex as it is advanced. Our bodies and souls pay a heavy price for the fast pace that modern technology has afforded us. We are therefore faced with the tough challenge of living well, of living peacefully with ourselves and our loved ones. I believe that we can turn this challenge into a blessing by living our lives ON PURPOSE- by making conscious choices about everything we do and say”.

Reena treats children and adults in private sessions as well as workshops. As a child whose cry for help was not understood as such, she finds particular meaning in her efforts to help children make sense out of their lives and to develop tools with which they can cope with the challenges that will face them in the future.

Reena can be reached at www.reenakeren.com; kerenreena@gmail.com

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