An open letter – plea to political peace activists!

Yoram Getzler

By Yoram Getzler Operation Cast Led, the Israeli assault on Gaza during the winter of 2008 % 2009 was a result of years of random attacks on Israel from Gaza over the course of seven years..

During the Israeli assault in response, “progressive” “leftest” politically active people throughout the world, especially in Europe and the US campaigned strongly against the violence. The UN Commission dealing with human rights called for an investigation of violations by Israel of human rights law. Attacking Israel for various human rights violations as well as war crimes. That commission headed by Judge Goldstone was successful in finding a serious of serious human rights violations on the part of Israel, as requested.

I believe that most Israeli citizens would rather that the violence had not taken place. They would rather that the inhabitants of Gaza had been spending their time and limited resources on issues of social need education and health

During the years leading up to the the military operation, this community of political activists did not see the assault on Israel as a reason for concern or protest. The sudden awakening during the Israeli assault in contrast to the total silence during the attacks on Israel conveyed the message to Hamas and the other active and fanatical Islamist Jihad groups that obviously they would not be censured by attacking Israel. Therefore it should come as no surprise to read the headline and further comments from the Israeli newspaper of record; Haaretzs:

… 565 rockets, 200 mortar shells fired at Israel since start of Gaza op

At least 12 rockets hit Negev, one near Ashkelon school; some rockets launched during 3-hour truce. At least 10 rockets strike Negev over course of Monday; some launched during 3-hour humanitarian truce”.>

NOTE between yesterday (Wednesday) when I began writing this an additional ten rockets from Gaza fell in southern Israel.

Last year I asked;  “what could Hamas possibly hope to accomplish by launching these rockts on Israel, other than an Israeli attack in return against Gaza.

For a change this year it is clear what the goal is; to derail the current talks between Netanyahu and Abbas. OK, that is an understandable political goal.

However once again Israel is in the position of being able to demonstrate its patience for a only limited time. Needless to say, one random rocket or mortar shell landing in a school or causing other casualties and the population of Gaza will be placed in immediate danger Especially as we learned in’08-’09 the world is not impressed with our restraint, so why submit ourselves all over again to these potentially fatal attacks.

I am writing this in hope that the stalwart peace activists, peace proponents and workers who’s sympathy is naturally expressed by their deep caring for the innocent Palestinian casualties resulting from Israeli reactions to being attacked; my plea to you is to open your mouths, make use of your writing skills, abilities and connections to alert others and publicize publicly the dangers that the shelling from Gaza is placing the civilian population of Gaza in.

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