On The Road To Reconciliation leading too – Two States for Two People

Yoram Getzler

By Yoram Getzler In an effort to change the current dynamic which is leading us to a “one-state-solution”, i.e. the elimination of the Jewish State of Israel I want to propose a program / plan / process which could move us onwards towards the “two-states-for two-people” solution to the Israeli Palestinian/Arab problem.

Hopefully this process will build the confidence and trust needed to move both peoples into a modality of being able to live as neighbors hopefully developing each their full potential for themselves, to each other, and contribute to the larger extended human community.

The fundamental idea is to; stimulate and empower the 70% Israeli majority which continues to poll in favor of a two-state-solution. Coupled with the 20% minority Palestinian community (see; Subtext for Success – p.3 of Introduction/ Proposal) that is willing to live next to a Jewish state in a peaceful reciprocal relationship. We can build on the potential of there developing a larger more powerful and empowered minority within Palestinian society focused on itself and its positive development which means living in peace with us.

With Israel still in a position of preponderant strength and holding the entire Israel / Palestine land in its power the first most difficult steps again need to be taken by “us”.

Understanding all the difficulty of persuading the Israeli public to once more give up what seems like our security and strongest bargaining chip / resource…

The program would move towards the ending of all Israeli/Jewish civilian presence in the area east of the 1949 armistice lines, including the “Arab areas” of Jerusalem. This overall withdrawal would take place with the exception of the recognized and well known “settlement blocks”. In addition Israel would continue to maintain control of key transportation routs, areas described in this program as “Special Areas”. In all these areas special accommodations would be made for uninterrupted, unhindered passage for Palestinians from area to area separated by these roads passages.

In recognition of the rational concern of Israelis that areas withdrawn from have in the past become basis from which Israel proper is attacked, (Judea/Samaria, Gaza, south Lebanon) the IDF would

continue to remain active in the area from which all Israeli civilians would be withdrawn. In the absence of the intense Israeli civilian presence which demands an accompanying security effort the easing of tensions within the the Judea/Samaria area could contribute to a less threatened, less hostile, more relaxed, normalized, peaceful Palestinian community

All these arrangements would be accompanied by an Israel pledge to reconsider and reevaluate its security presence as circumstances “on the ground”, in the Palestinian social/political sphere developed and changed. Hopefully recognition of the practical benefits of; “normalization” and cooperation would provide a political reality that would evolve to one promoting a friendly and peaceful actuality. This could facilitate joint projects and appropriate development schemes. The efficient cooperative use of the local limited water supply could also benefit both parties.

Here we would be demonstrating, practically, that the Israeli agenda / imperative is not the acquisition of additional land beyond that recognized by the international community in 1949.

If we insist on continuing in the direction we have been traveling for the past forty plus years we will find ourselves voted out of our nation. No mater the historical justification for our policies and beliefs, the reality is overwhelming. We must decide if our goal is to reconstitute the past glory or to renew ourselves for the sake of the future.

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