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IDF Soldiers Describe Guarding During Holy Month of Ramadan

This is a true account of the IDF procedures and the typical young men and women that serve and protect Israel’s borders. Having served in the IDF in the 80’s I have firsthand experience with the potential dangers while serving in the army. I also have a son that served in Lebanon and on the northern border and know the care taken not to hurt civilians. He often told me of aborted missions because of potential “collateral damage” even at their own peril. These are good souls in spite of the few that manage to create a sense of insensitivity and that brings dishonor to the entire IDF. The media has a stake in showing only the worse moments of only a few violators of the code of honor.

Three soldiers recount their training and experiences while working at checkpoints with Palestinians. The soldiers explain how they are taught to respect those crossing through and accommodate them during religious holidays such as Ramadan. Having been instilled with the IDF’s ethical code, “The Spirit of the IDF,” the soldiers do their utmost to ease the process of Palestinians crossing, recognizing the fact that a majority of those entering the checkpoint do not pose a threat to the Israeli population.

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