Tsvi Misinai Interview:Most Israeli Arabs are descendents of the Hebrews”.

Most Israeli Arabs are decedents of the Hebrews who did not leave the country after the Romans sent the people into exile. Instead they remained and made the religious and cultural changes necessary in order to remain on the land. During the Byzantine era they became Christians, when the Moslems conquered the land they became Muslims.

Their attachment and commitment to the land was stronger then their commitment to the religion.

This is the thesis of Tsvi Misinai a former pioneer of the Israeli software industry who now devotes his time and energy to the investigation of this idea.

Tsvi Misinai was born in Jerusalem in 1946. He graduated from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa in 1968 with a major in Physics. Misinai was a pioneer in the Israeli software industry and was the first to receive the Rothschild Award for Industrial development in the field of software in 1992. He founded Sapiens International Corp and invented the Rule Based Object Orientated technology for data processing applications.

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