Barry Shaw – Obama’s dangerous strategy of linking Iran, ISIS and Israel

barry shaw goering

Barry Shaw. In fifty days of Gaza conflict, Israel launched 5500 precision air strikes against terror targets. In 70+ days, the US launched less than 500 air strikes in Iraq and Syria against ISIS. Why? It’s not lack of planes and fire power. It’s a lack of political will, despite all the rhetoric of having to degrade and defeat the Islamic State rampage and mayhem.

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Yehuda Shlezinger – The Tel Aviv version of Judaism

The Tel Aviv version of Judaism ruth gvili

Photo credit: Ruth Gvili Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps and is so strongly identified with its nightlife and party scene, has been seeing a “renewed interest” in Jewish tradition — not out of religious coercion, but out of respect for and understanding of Jewish tradition.

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Jonathan Sacks – The Genesis of Justice – Bereishit


Jonathan Sacks

There are words that change the world, none more so than two sentences that appear in the first chapter of the Torah:

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Steve Kramer – Piling On Israel

 Steve Kramer

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Jonathan Sacks – The World’s Most Enduring Moral Voice

jonathan sacks unnamed

Judaism entered the world as a moral voice. It did so from the beginning, from its account of creation itself. There we read, almost like a litany, “God said, Let there be … and there was … and God saw that it was good.” The emphasis is on the word good. This is the language of morality, not myth. Nor is it science. Physics and chemistry do not speak about the “goodness” of the cosmos. Yet the Torah does, and for a reason. It wants us to know that there is a moral dimension to existence. Goodness is not something we invent. It is part of the text and texture of life as seen through the eye of faith.

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Steve Ornstein – Holiday Spirits on the Streets of Tel Aviv

Steve Ornstein

This weeks photos of the outdoor flea market by the sea and other sightings around the city.

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