This Weeks Sanity Report from Israel – Sept. 28, 2014

This Weeks Sanity Report

              Reunited: Zheludev family makes aliyah: Zed Films                                        The highlights include: Israeli scientists have developed groundbreaking safe and effective chemotherapy. New Israeli legislation promotes the employment of disabled workers. The US Senate voted unanimously to make Israel a strategic partner. Israeli scientists make a new chemical that turns plant waste into fuel. Israel approves the largest-ever investment in Israel by a foreign company. Immigration to Israel hits a 5-year record.

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Jack Cohen – Letters from Jerusalem 1947-48

Jack Cohen letters     In 1947, Zipporah Porath (nee Borowski) from Los Angeles was chosen to spend a year on a scholarship at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  She was chosen mainly because she spoke Hebrew, since her father was a Hebraist and they spoke Hebrew at home.  When she arrived in Jerusalem in October, 1947, she had no idea what she was getting into. A bright, indomitable lady, she told her story at Netanya AACI. 

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The Illuminations of HaRav Avraham Itzchak HaCohen Kook ZT”L by Rabbi Itzchak Marmorstein

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U.S. State Dept. Blasts Palestinian President for “offensive” and “counterproductive” UN Address


The State Department on Friday harshly condemned a speech given earlier that day by Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas, during which Abbas told the United Nations General Assembly that Israel’s summer Operation Protective Edge against Hamas constituted a “genocidal crime,” that the Israelis had committed a “series of absolute war crimes,” that those who expressed “support for Israel’s right to self-defense” were wrong to do so, and that Israel had “specifically targeted the City of Jerusalem…attempting to artificially alter the spirit, identity and character of the Holy City, focusing on Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

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Barry Shaw – British Labour Party Bias is Appalling

Barry Shaw ed millibrand

Statements made by Ed Miliband and his Shadow Foreign Minister, Douglas Alexander at the Labour Party Conference on Monday, September 22, were appalling for their one-sided bias against Israel.

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Jonathan Sacks – The Leader’s Call for Responsibility

 jonathan sacks responsibility

Jonathan Sacks. When words take wing, they modulate into song. That is what they do here in Haazinu as Moses, with the angel of death already in sight, prepares to take leave of this life. Never before had he spoken with such passion. His language is vivid, even violent. He wants his final words never to be forgotten. In a sense he has been articulating this truth for forty years but never before with such emotion.

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