Tsvi Bisk – The Optimistic Jew Chapter Three

The Optimistic Jew

I am neither a classical Zionist nor a post-Zionist. I suppose I might call myself a neo-Zionist. I accept the fundamental premise of classical Zionism that Jewish sovereignty over a small area of the earth’s surface is a prerequisite to physical survival and a necessity for Jewish self-esteem and self confidence.

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Erez Jacob Ofer – Israel Vegan Fest 2014 – Exclusive

 Israel Vegan Fest 2014

Written and Experienced by Erez Jacob Ofer. I know, Vegan Festival 2014 sponsored mainly by Eden Teva Market and Vegan Friendly.co.il already happened about 2 weeks ago, it’s “old news”, yadda yadda yadda, but sometimes the greatest things in life take longer for one to only begin to fully process.

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Barry Shaw – Personal Animus against Israel from President Obama?

Barry Shaw   Since when does the US Administration send condolences to a criminal’s family?
I know it happened in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri. Now it is happening in Israel after an Arab youth who hurled firebombs at passing Israeli cars in Judea & Samaria, was killed by security forces. The Obama Administration sent official condolences to the family of this young terrorist when, as part of a violent mob, he endangering the lives of Israelis.

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This Weeks Sanity Report from Israel – Oct. 26, 2014

This weeks santy report from israel

This Weeks Sanity Report from Israel: The Aviv family and Giora Ofer today officially launched Blender – an online lending platform

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Jack Cohen – Caroline Glick and the “Israeli Solution”

  Jack Cohen caroline glick       Caroline Glick, former IDF officer, former advisor to PM Netanyahu and currently Senior Contributing Editor of the Jerusalem Post, spoke at the New Synagogue in Netanya.  She was highly articulate and stimulating and held a large audience in rapt attention.

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Tsvi Bisk – The Optimistic Jew Chapter Two

optimisitc jew

The Special Case of American Jewry

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