Israel – Never Stop Believing: The Journey of Tobi From Nigeria

 The Journey of Tobi From Nigeria     The Journey of Tobi From Nigeria :Passover is holiday which symbolizes renewal and change. These two special qualities define Lieutenant Tobi Cohen, who came all the way from Nigeria to serve in the IDF.

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Lessons about Jewish identity from the “wicked” son’s question

Lessons about Jewish identity from the "wicked" son's question  Lessons about Jewish identity from the “wicked” son’s question. By Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

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Sunshine Across Israel – Reach for the Sky

Sunshine Across Israel    Sunshine Across Israel :Israelis lip-dub Matisyahu’s hit “Sunshine” on the background of some of Israel’s most beautiful sites. Have a wonderful Passover/Pesach.
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Passover-How It Tells its Story, The Unasked Question, and The Jewish Task

 Passover       All three taken from the Jonathan Sacks Haggada. As Passover ( Pesach) approaches I thought it would nice to share some wonderful and inspiring quotes from the book “Pesach Haggada” with Essays and Commentary by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. What makes this book so unique is how clear and concise the commentary contributes to the understanding of our continuity of the Past with the Present, projecting it  into the future by our every day actions in HOPE and not in despair. We as a People/nation as well as individuals have a choice and we constantly are reminded  to choose LIFE.

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An Interview with Israeli Photographer Eitan Vitkon

 Photographer Eitan Vitkon   Photographer Eitan Vitkon: ” An Israeli-born photographer’s latest series is metaphor for his home country”. I have been procrastinating for years wanting to  interview Eitan. We see each other on the streets of Tel Aviv and  those encounters remind me that we need to really get together at his studio. I love his photography. It is unique and inspiring. Enjoy!

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Passover, Anti-Semitism, and Rising Above Hate


Passover, Anti-Semitism, and Rising Above Hate Sculpture by Phillip Ratner-Ratner Museum “In 419 BCE, the Persian king Darius issued a decree concerning the Jewish garrison at Elephantine on the Nile Delta (near the cataracts of what is now called Aswan). It was directed towards the governor, Arsames, and instructed him to make sure that the Egyptian priests of Khnum did not attack the Jews or try to stop the Passover celebrations at the Jewish temple there. You may well wonder at the prospect both of a Jewish military garrison in Egypt two-and-a-half thousand years ago, and at a Jewish temple where sacrifices were made outside of Jerusalem. But that’s for another time.”

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