Steve Ornstein – OK Here It Goes

Kfar Saba, Israel

Steve Ornstein – OK Here It Goes

There is so much hate language showing up on my timeline from some people I know personally and respect. The excuse is Trump. But having spent most of my adult life practicing meditation and the study of Torah I am so amazed how unhinged so many are because their personal dreams have been shattered.

Change is always upon us and this change, with Trump as the President of the U.S, eliminates complacency, having blown it up and erupting into a volcanic moment. Instead of stepping back and allowing it to settle the wolves are now unleashed and want blood.

So my FB friends especially those so unhinged about the election, everything you have learned throughout your life is now up for review. Take advantage of it before you dive into the shallow waters of bigotry, hate and blame. This isn’t a Trump thing it is an excuse in order to allow the worst of people to manifest under the guise of caring and social activism.

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