Israelis Fight Hunger in Developing Countries & Quintuple Crop Yields

Israelis Fight Hunger in Developing Countries & Quintuple Crop Yields

Fair Planet is a nonprofit organization. “Everything we do, is aimed at the success of smallholder farmers in developing countries.”

“People in Africa are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty and hunger. Fair Planet seeks to provide them with food security and economic opportunities, by making high-quality vegetable seeds, suitable to local conditions, accessible and affordable to local farmers. We bridge the current gap between existing high quality seed varieties developed by leading seed companies and transfer technologies and know how to smallholder farmers in Africa. “

“Fair Planet mission is to increase food security and provide new economic opportunities for the millions stuck in poverty.We are engaged in a unique and long-term technology transfer process – on the one hand, we are facilitating access of smallholder farmers to seed of the highest-quality vegetable varieties suitable for their need, and on the other hand, we are training the farmers to use these seeds with minimal changes to their traditional production. “



Fair Planet is a social start-up that was founded in 2011 by Dr. Shoshan Haran, whose mission is to address the lack of quality seeds for smallholder farmers in developing countries. Fair Planet identifies varieties suitable for the target region, provides geo-specific agro-training for local farmers and will offer seeds to local farmers, with credit, for the first growing seasons. Access to high-quality seeds suitable to local conditions will enable these farmers to grow and sell significant yields. This will allow additional income along with greater food security and improved nutrition for the local community.

Fair Planet receives an award – 2017

For more information about their Projects and Volunteering go to the Fair Planet Seed Project web site

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