The Na Laga’at Center – Where the Deaf and Blind Run the Show

The Na Laga’at Center – Where the Deaf and Blind Run the Show

The Nalaga’at Center in Tel Aviv-Jaffa isn’t like any other cultural center you’ve seen or heard of before. A theatre performance is presented by blind/deaf actors and following the performance, audience members are served coffee by blind waiters, enabling a true and unique dialogue between people with disabilities and people without disabilities. So, take a seat and prepare for your senses to be stimulated in this extraordinary show. To learn more about this amazing center go to their web site: The Na Laga’at Center


Through the Spirit

A show with an ensemble of deaf-blind actors (with dual disability)

The government has decided to conduct a scientific research that examines the capabilities of people with disabilities. Do they fit for a job that is not especially optimized for them? Can they integrate into the economy and increase productivity?

During their attempts to join the workforce, we are slowly being exposed to the desires, dreams, struggles and comporomises of people with disabilities.

In it’s new original production, Na Laga’at theatre reveals the complex processes that occur on stage. It uses an alternative approach that combines visual and physical theatre with circus arts and tactile sign language. This theatrical language puts the deaf-blind in the center and along with their interpreters and seeing-hearing actors, enables them to become a communicative work of art.

Website of Na Laga’at center:

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