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Victoria Braverman – Tel Aviv Photo Journal – Every Picture Tells A Story

Victoria Braverman – Tel Aviv Photo Journal – Every Picture Tells A Story

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If a picture paints a thousand words then these snapshots, taken on my trusty iPhone in my beloved Tel Aviv, are the equivalent of an extremely long article. Put your fantasy hat on (my preferred Purim costume) and join me in a journey of the imagination…..

Did those street cats know something I don’t? Or were they extras in a Hitchcock spoof? And what about the one – I call him Jack – who found his way into my fridge? How did he get there? Mind you, when I posted that photo on Facebook there were more comments about the HP sauce than the cat. Which says something about my friends, I guess.


On the day of the Tel Aviv Marathon many roads were blocked off, which left certain areas virtually inaccessible. This image of two small children with nobody to play with, in a huge space which is generally used by dozens of families at the weekend, made an impression on me. It felt almost unbearably sad, although not as sad as that sole piece of orange lego abandoned in the rain.

And talking of orange, look at the tall, dark, handsome stranger. Did he buy the coat to match the dog, or acquire the dog as a perfectly coordinated accessory?

Finally, look at the storage solution in this photo. It tells you all you need to know about the average size Tel Aviv apartments.

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