Victoria Braverman

Victoria Braverman – Tel Aviv Photo Journal, February 2017

Victoria Braverman – Tel Aviv Photo Journal, February 2017

My name is Victoria and I’m an addict. A Tel Aviv addict. I’ve become known in certain circles as the go to person for hidden gems and authentic Tel Aviv experiences. People are often referred to me for advice on how to survive long term in the city that never sleeps, or on how to make the most of their short stay here. What started as a hobby is becoming a business.

Starting this photo diary in February, towards the end of one of the worst winters the city has experienced, is a challenge. I felt very sorry for tourists who came here expecting a week of sunshine and got London skies and empty streets. But it is rare. And the city was still alive – you just had to know where and when to find that life.

As the winter draws to a close, the sun is higher in the sky than it is even during the height of summer in the UK. You must never, ever forget to take your sunglasses or wear layers suited to the hottest and coldest weather. The temperature can suddenly soar to blistering hot or indeed drop like a stone.

These four pictures were taken within within a few hours of each other. One minute you’re drinking iced coffee and wishing you hadn’t worn your jeans, the next you’re hugging a cup of hot chocolate in an attempt to get warm.

By the time you read this, we’ll probably be basking in beautiful Mediterranean summer weather, which is less dramatic but so much easier to dress for. I hope to see you soon. Don’t forget the suncream. And if you’re coming from the UK, I give a generous discount to clients who bring me teabags.



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