Israeli-startup CodeMonkey is a leading game-based-learning platform

Israeli-startup CodeMonkey is a leading game-based-learning platform

By Zoe Dayan

Israeli-startup CodeMonkey is a leading game-based-learning platform that teaches students 8 years and older the fundamental principles of computer programming. CodeMonkey’s platform reflects a new approach in EdTech that combines learning with playing. In the game, users help a monkey collect bananas by writing code. Meanwhile, an AI engine simultaneously runs in the background and analyzes the players’ actions in order to deliver personal feedback, hints and instructions accordingly. CodeMonkey is ideal for elementary schools that are interested in incorporating computer programming into their curriculum. CodeMonkey is designed as a classroom resource and does not require prior knowledge and experience. The tutoring package includes basic training, management and reporting tools, automatic grading and detailed tutorials for teachers.


CodeMonkey is available in 15 languages and since launching, it gained over 3.5 million users in dozens of countries around the world. In Israel, CodeMonkey has been operating for over 3 years inside the framework of the “National Coding Olympics”, which was initiated by the Israel Ministry of Education. In 2015 alone, more than 250,000 students from 1,700 schools have played the game nationwide.

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Currently, the Israeli startup is competing for first place in the NOAH Startup Competition. CodeMonkey attended the NOAH London 2017 conference last November and met with leaders of the digital economy. CodeMonkey, along with 73 international startups, participated in a 5-minute pitch to introduce its product. You can watch CodeMonkey’s pitch here. The voting period is nearing its February 28th deadline so make sure you don’t wait to participate. Each and every vote CodeMonkey gets will help the startup gain valuable opportunities to continue helping kids everywhere learn how to write REAL code!

All participants will be entered in a raffle to win a Phantom Drone. Click the voting button below for more details.”

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