Exclusive: 7 Incredible Facts About Women Owned Businesses

Exclusive: 7 Incredible Facts About Women Owned Businesses

Women aspiring to be entrepreneurs over a decade or two ago would have been viewed as nothing more than an ambitious feat by the opposite sex and perhaps with the same gender as well. Today, women have risen to the occasion and have proven themselves as equal to men in almost all aspects of the business world, with some attaining one of the highest positions in various countries around the world.

In the modern world, women are no longer the typical household wives with the men venturing out and make a living for the entire family. You’ll be surprised at the incredible facts about women-owned businesses and how they have overcome the common stigma that men should only dominate the business world.

Israel is a somewhat small country with a brief history where a majority of its people are Jewish. But I bet you did not know that not only does Israel have the third highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world, but also they have the highest rate of entrepreneurship among women and people over the age of 55 in the world. In fact, Israel elected the first woman to sit as a prime minister back in 1969, and she was only the third woman elected to lead a country in the new world.

We have created a colorful and inspiring infographic below where you can view the motivating facts about women and their move towards being part of the male-dominated sector. The graphic will move you to change your perspective and mindset to become one of the women who are able to climb at the top of the entrepreneurial ladder.

7 Incredible Facts About Women Owned Businesses

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