Jack Cohen

Jack Cohen – Leftist Hypocrisy

Jack Cohen – Leftist Hypocrisy

There have been many commentaries in the predominantly left-leaning media that white supremacists and anti-Semites support Pres-elect Trump.  There may be some substance to these reports, but is that Trump’s fault.  Many different groups support every candidate, but that doesn’t mean that the candidate himself or herself agree with their views.

For instance, there are many left-wing supporters of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas that supported Hillary Clinton.  Even her main aide Huma Abedin was a former (and possibly current) supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.  But, the left is quite prepared to accept that situation without comment.  Certainly there are plenty of people on the left who are anti-Semitic, singling out Israel and only Israel from all the hundreds of countries in the world and all the repressive countries in the world, for criticism.  That is leftist anti-Semitism, yet the left have embraced that for years.

Another example: Pres-elect Trump accepted a phone call from the democratically elected President of Taiwan.  This is considered by the media as tantamount to a critical change in US foreign policy.  Yet, it was only a courtesy call, and furthermore who were upset, China and the US leftist media.  Do the supposedly free press want US foreign policy to be dictated by Communist China.

It seems that it is alright for the current US President Obama to open up relations with Communist Cuba and speak to its President, who has been responsible for the torture and murder of thousands of anti-Communist Cubans, yer Pres-elect Trump may not speak to the democratically elected President of Taiwan?  What leftist hypocrisy. Let the foreign policy of the United States be determined by its elected President, not by the hypocritical voices of the biased media.

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