Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Will your kids be American?

Lee Diamond – Will your kids be American?

Will they still believe

In American democracy?

What about your grandchildren?

Will they still join together

For Thanksgiving in the generations

To come.

What about the Turkey and the

Cranberry sauce  and pumpkin pie?

And thanksgiving parades.


The 4th of July?

Picnics or parades or football games?

The “Old Glory” waving on your own flagpole?

Or Special sales in the shops?


Apple pie and ice Cream?

Presidents’ Day?

George Washington and his cherry tree

And a silver dollar thrown across the Potomac ?


The Gettysburg address known by heart.

“Four Score and seven years ago?”

“My country ‘Tis of thee ..”


Will the next generation know that Obama was the first black





Few doubts about the transmission of the American dream?


Your generations to come will be American

(If allowed.)



in America?


Will they be Jewish?


Will the synagogues be full on Yom Kippur?

Or on Rosh HaShana?

Will they remember what a Succah is?

Or sit in one?

Or Simchat Torah? Flags? Jelly apples?

Will Friday night begin with a kiddish?

Will Hebrew still be on the lips of

Your children? Or grandchildren?

Even the decoding of it?


Will they know the tune to Shema Yisrael

Or  Avinu Malkeynu?


Will Eretz Yisrael still be a value held worthy

By them? Will Bar Kochba be in their

Jewish vocabulary! Or Judah Maccabee?

Will “40” be a significant Jewish number?

Or Joshua ? Or King David?

Or ‘Yerushalayim?”


How will the Shoah affect your next generations?

What about the 6 day war?

Or Israel Independence Day?

Or the power of HaTikva?

Or Ben Gurion as hero?


Will your next generations

Know your Hebrew name

Or their own?


Will they know the melody to “dayenu”.

Or “chad gadya” ?


Will they understand what it means

To be part of a People?



To all of the above.


Is it Chutzpah to say that

The next generations of

Israeli Jews

Will know their Hebrew  names and yours?


Because that is who they are!

Because this identity has been transmitted

And despite change

We have succeeded!

In Israel to build and be built.

And despite our many faults

We are Jews!





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