Jack Cohen

Jack Cohen – Trumped


Jack Cohen – Trumped

At this point is seems certain that Donald Trump will be the next President of the USA and that Hillary Clinton and the whole Clinton saga will finally be over.  There have been many comparisons regarding this very unexpected outcome, including comparisons with Gore vs Bush in Florida and Truman vs Dewey, and with Brexit in the UK.  But, my comparison I believe is more appropriate, it is with Begin in Israel in 1977.

Many people believe that Menachem Begin, leader of the Right-wing Likud Party, won the watershed Israeli election in 1977 because of something to do with the Palestinians.  It was not the case, he won because the country was fed up with the corruption, complacency and control of the left-wing Labor Party.  They acted as if they owned the country and could do no wrong.  But, they got caught.  Most people do not know that the Labor Minister of Housing, committed suicide on Tel Aviv Beach before the election because he was caught in numerous fraudulent schemes to skim government money, including building unecessary hospitals and selling apartments meant for poor immigrants to his friends thru a company run by his daughter.  The Israeli people simply rejected this kind of corruption.  I believe the same is true of the American people in this election. They see the Clintons as self-righteous, corrupt and complacent.  Supported by a biased leftist media and self-deluded polling organizations, they decided to throw the rascals out.

Who does Trump resemble in this respect – Obama and Clinton.  They were both outsiders, both came from nowhere, both were relatively inexperienced.  Clinton was the Governor of a small State and Obama was a one term Senator from Hawaii and the Chicageo Black slums.  The American people are always seeking change, they want progress, they aspire to something better.  They want someone to actually give them jobs, not promises, they want change and not just slogans.  They trust Trump to give that to them.

Hillary was rejected I believe mainly because she was seen to be corrupt, she was accepting money for the Clinton Foundation thru Bill while she was Secty of State, she was caught in a massive lie and white wash of her e-mail server, she was indecisive and allowed American representatives to be murdered in Benghazi, she was getting away with things that no ordinary American could, that’s what brought her down.  Now for the Trump era.


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