Paul Rose – Review of the BAKERS MUSIC and FOOD FESTIVAL 2014


On our most recent visit to Israel, my wife and I were privileged to attend the Bakers Music and Food Festival at Moshav Givat Chen, just outside Ra’anana.







Coming so soon after the latest round of fighting in Gaza and the unprecedented barrage of rockets aimed at the centre of the country, it was heart warming to witness the positive attitude displayed by the three hundred odd people that attended the event.


Set in the beautiful garden of a magnificent private home, the event was a showcase for a wide range of musical talent ranging in age from early twenties to certainly late sixties and possibly beyond. There was a particularly impressive performance by a very heavily pregnant Lilach, one of the event’s organizers who, along with her husband go by the name of Just Married.


Arriving at 4.00pm, we were able to secure a prime spot under the shade of one of the many established trees and partake of the extensive range of food and drinks available until well into the night. Particular highlights on the food front were the vegetarian and vegan offerings from the always excellent Cafe Xoho along with some boutique beers from The Dancing Camel brewery.


We were struck by the diverse range of people at the festival, from newborn babies to grandparents, religious and secular, all of whom were thoroughly enjoying the laid back atmosphere. The dedicated children’s area offered face painting and a variety of other activities and was constantly in action, enabling many of the parents to enjoy some relaxation on the grass.


It was wonderful to see all the generations enjoying the event together, something which is so common in Israel, but still a rarity in the UK, where children are often expected to be seen and not heard.


We shall definitely do our best to attend again next year and I would very much recommend that you do too.


Amir Frenkel and the band at BAKERS MUSIC and FOOD FESTIVAL 2014 Givat Chen, Ra’anana



Paul Rose


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