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Michael Shine – Is It At All Possible That There Are Hypocrites Out There?

Michael Shine     Michael Shine. All deaths and injuries, each and every one of them, that occur during armed conflict, are tragedies (with one possible exception: Islamic Jihadists consider it an honour to be ‘martyred’ so that they can get as quickly as possible to their own 70 virgins).


Michael Shine


No sane person wants to see more bloodshed. No rational person believes that you can change an ideology by violence, but unfortunately there is one ideology that is not open to rational discussion – that of the Islamic Jihadist!

The world knows that Israel has been under constant bombardment from Hamas terrorist missiles since Israel withdrew from Gaza nine years ago. This fact has been widely ignored and in the majority of cases gone unreported by the world’s media. I sometimes ask myself: “Is it because Israel is predominantly inhabited by Jews”? In the one democracy in the Middle East Innocent Christians and Muslims are also under attack from the terrorist rockets – they cant paint a stripe on their doors to avoid the angel of death.

Israel, in order to avoid, in as much as it is possible, non-combatant injuries and deaths, warns the inhabitants of areas where they intend to hit, and encourages them to move away. What do the terrorists in Gaza do? They ‘encourage’ those same inhabitants to stay put, sometimes at the point of a gun, so that they may hide behind them. And what does the world hypocritical community do, they ‘encourage’ Israel to show more restraint!

Who are the most vociferous in their ‘encouragement’ of Israel to show restraint? Why it is the European community, the American leadership and of course that peaceful Israel loving community – the U.N.!  (http://www.jewsnews.co.il/2014/07/18/international-community-urges-idf-restraint-in-gaza/). Why did I title this peace with the word ‘hypocrite’? Let us look at some figures for comparison:

Between 2001-2014, some 21,000 to 23,000 civilians were killed in Afghanistan by U.S., French, British and German military forces. Between 2001-2014, 20,000 to 30,000 civilians were killed in Pakistan, and 133,000 to 147,000 civilians were killed in Iraq – all by U.S., French, British and German forces. (Hana Levi Julian)

The figures of casualties in Gaza since Israel withdrew nine years ago are estimated to be in the region of 2000 – 3000 (impossible to know a true figure as it recognized that Hamas regularly inflates these figures and includes combatants as well) and none of these casualties were due to Israeli aggressiveness, rather to Israel no longer being able to ignore the incessant raining down of rockets from the terrorist Hamas group on civilian areas of Israel.

In the last few years there have been over 170,000 deaths in Syria during their civil war, a result largely of Islamic Jihadists warring against the equally as bad Syrian regime. Just how many innocent civilians were killed in the 7/11 attacks – again by Islamist jihadists. Watch this interview on i24 with Hillel Neuer of UN Watch about the UN and its one sided and biased attitude towards Israel. It is 15 minutes short but worth seeing.

Michael Shine


 In my opinion the whole world is at risk from the murderous groups forming Islamic Jihad, Hamas, ISIS, Al Quaeda, Muslim Brotherhood et al. Time for the world to stop their hypocrisy in concentrating on Israel’s defense of its people and time for them to realize that they may be next,  

Let’s all for once be honest with ourselves, if Jihadists were based in Canada and rained missiles on the USA would restraint be encouraged or would the American people insist that their government retaliated forcefully and heavily? Similarly, if the Jihadists (Cousins of Hamas) were in Calais (France), and sent their missiles at Dover (U.K.), or vice versa, what would the people want?

Michael Shine

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