Israel Transports Concrete to Gaza Ends Up as a Tunnel

tunnel A Gaza tunnel. Photo: Eman Mohammed. New Israel Fund-FUNDED “GISHA”; NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONCRETE TUNNELS FROM GAZA


By David Bedein

“Gisha” – the Hebew word for “access”-, an organization financed in part by the New Israel Fund, conducts campaigns to demand that Israel provide unrestricted supply of materials to Gaza, especially cement.

Our agency asked Gisha if it would issue a statement about how Israel-supplied cement was used by Gazans to construct tunnels for military use.

As reported, Israel authorized massive cement imports into Gaza in December, 2011.

From a statement excerpted below, “Gisha” does not seem to know about Israel cement supplies to Gaza,- less than two years ago, deliveries which have nothing to do with current Israeli authorization of cement into Gaza less than a month ago..

From the “Gisha“ statement:

The IDF estimated that it took between 18 months and two years to build the tunnel and that it was completed two months ago. In other words, the tunnel was completed a month before Israel began allowing cement destined for the private sector into the Gaza Strip. Why then, does the GOC Southern Command claim that Hamas “exploited our good intentions to transfer construction materials into the Gaza Strip for the private sector, for the benefit of the population”? Does he not trust the IDF’s assessments? Does he think Hamas built a 1.7-kilometer long tunnel, at a depth of 12 to 18 meters in less than one month? ::

Clearly, “Gisha” does not want its supporters to know about earlier cement deliveries to Gaza.- access that “Gisha” had campaigned for.

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