Jonathan Sacks – Beyond Nature – Noach – Covenant & Conversation

Jonathan Sacks

Are we naturally good or naturally bad? On this great minds have argued for centuries. Hobbes believed that we have naturally “a perpetual and restless desire of power after power, that ceaseth only in death.” We are bad, but governments and police can help limit the harm we do. Rousseau to the contrary believed that naturally we are good. It is society and its institutions that make us bad.

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JNS – Israeli Americans Find Their Voice with IAC

Tsvi Bisk – The Optimistic Jew Chapter One

 the optimistic Jew
Israelseen is honored to present this new series by Tsvi Bisk from his book the “Optimistic Jew”.

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Israeli Video Wizzards Create Innovative Music Videos

 Israeli Video Wizzards roy kafri-left- and Vania Heymann-right

Photos: Screenshot/ Facebook Roy Kafri (left) and Vania Heymann (right) Here are the bios for Kafri, Vania and Kutiman. Enjoy these most incredible videos they have produced.

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Tsvi Bisk – Intro to the Optimistic Jew

optimistic-jew     Israelseen is  honored to present this new series by Tsvi Bisk  from his book the “Optimistic Jew”.

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Dr. Yitzkak Hayut-Man – In the Beginning – Re-Genesis Project

 In the Beginning creation-light-by-Phillip-Ratner    This was  a regular feature on IsraelSeen by Dr. Yitzkak Hayut-Man. An innovator, futurist, visionary and Bible scholar.  He is among the few that is courageous enough to allow the “open source” of the Torah-Bible to be presented in new and interesting ways for our greater understanding. Art by Phillip Ratner-Ratner Museum

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