Tmura – the Israeli Public Service Venture Fund Passes $10 Million for Charity

Tmura                    360 Israeli and Israel-related high-tech companies have participated in Tmura’s equity donation program to date in support of the organization’s fundraising efforts.  Tmura is the Hebrew word for change or metamorphosis and also means value for money; it is also a play on the word “truma”, which means donation.  Or… you may prefer our creative dictionary definition:  tmu·ra \tmu-ra’\ n and v [akin to truma gift] (21c) 1: the option to create change: as a: changing society for the better b: changing the way the technology sector thinks about value(s) 2: giving the gift of equity esp.: profitable sharing with future(s) in mind.

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Noga Arbell – Sovereign States Don’t Do Hasbara

Noga Arbell

By proving we’re right, Bibi willingly puts the question up for discussion. Photo: Flash90

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Israel New Poll: 75% of Israeli Jews Oppose a Palestinian State on the 1967 Lines

Political Map of Israel

Israel: 75% of Israeli Jews Oppose a Palestinian State on the 1967 Lines, Israeli Withdrawal from the Jordan Valley, and the Division of Jerusalem

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This Weeks Sanity Report from Israel – Oct. 19, 2014


This Weeks Sanity Report from Israel

Dr. Peretz’s personal story is a microcosm of Israel’s—and Hadassah’s
The first female head of an Israeli hospital  This Weeks Sanity Report from Israel

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Barry Shaw – Obama’s dangerous strategy of linking Iran, ISIS and Israel

barry shaw goering

Barry Shaw. In fifty days of Gaza conflict, Israel launched 5500 precision air strikes against terror targets. In 70+ days, the US launched less than 500 air strikes in Iraq and Syria against ISIS. Why? It’s not lack of planes and fire power. It’s a lack of political will, despite all the rhetoric of having to degrade and defeat the Islamic State rampage and mayhem.

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Yehuda Shlezinger – The Tel Aviv version of Judaism

The Tel Aviv version of Judaism ruth gvili

Photo credit: Ruth Gvili Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps and is so strongly identified with its nightlife and party scene, has been seeing a “renewed interest” in Jewish tradition — not out of religious coercion, but out of respect for and understanding of Jewish tradition.

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