Jeff Pulver – entrepreneur and investor says Israelis ‘get things done –

jeff pulver   Tuesday evening  Israelseen blogger Steve Kramer and I went  to a “meet up” hosted by Jeff Pulver in Tel Aviv. It was pretty noisy from the music blasting but we still managed to talk to a few of the many young entrepreneurs who showed up in order to meet and network. We were excited by the amazing energy that filled the bar and the  outside yard where schmoozing was the aim of the night.  We hope to present some of the unique start ups on israelseen soon.

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Rachelle Frenkel Mother of Slain Israeli Teen Naftali Frenkel has a message for The New Year

Rachelle Frenkel RachelleFrenkel.jpg

She says: “Cain asks, ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ I think the answer came out loud and clear. We are one family and I am my brother’s keeper.” “Rosh HaShana is coming. Let’s all choose an act, large or small, to keep the spirit of those days alive,” she says, speaking, even smiling, into the camera. “We went out searching for the boys and we discovered ourselves.”

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Hamas Involved in Human Trafficking Ring – Hundreds Dead and Missing

Hamas Arab-emigrants

Arabs on the Rafah border waiting to cross waiting to leave. (Archive: 2013) Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90 Hundred of Gazans drowned as they tried to escape to Europe by boat. Hamas profited from their attempted escape.

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Harley Zipori – Station to Station – Beer in Tel Aviv

Harley Zipori beers2014-banner

I had forgotten how tiring beer festivals can be. So many beers to taste, such little time to taste them in. This is one of those times when I wish beer didn’t have alcohol. So much to write about and I just can’t get it all into one blog.

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Jonathan Sacks – The Cry – All We Can Do is Cry Out

Jonathan Sacks        Jonathan Sacks : There’s an old and totally apocryphal story about the nineteenth century French Jewish aristocrat Baron de Rothschild, whose wife was in her bedroom with a nurse, in the last stages of delivery while he was sitting downstairs playing a game of cards with his friends. Suddenly they heard her cry, ‘Mon Dieu, Mon Dieu.’ ‘Baron,’ said his friends, ‘go up to your wife. She needs you. Continue Reading »

Dr Denis MacEoin’s letter to the Edinburgh University Students’ Association

Dr Denis MacEoin's letter  University_of_Edinburgh,_Teviot   This letter was sent to the Edinburgh University Student Association in April 2011 following their vote to boycott Israel because of its ‘apartheid’. It could have been written today!

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