Tsvi Bisk – Intro to the Optimistic Jew

optimistic-jew     Israelseen is  honored to present this new series by Tsvi Bisk  from his book the “Optimistic Jew”.

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Dr. Yitzkak Hayut-Man – In the Beginning – Re-Genesis Project

 In the Beginning creation-light-by-Phillip-Ratner    This was  a regular feature on IsraelSeen by Dr. Yitzkak Hayut-Man. An innovator, futurist, visionary and Bible scholar.  He is among the few that is courageous enough to allow the “open source” of the Torah-Bible to be presented in new and interesting ways for our greater understanding. Art by Phillip Ratner-Ratner Museum

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David Lawrence Young – Zippori and Utopia Park in Israel

David Lawrence Young

David Young is not only a prolific author but is also a talented amateur photographer. He has been kind enough to allow israelseen exclusive access to his photos from Zippori and Utopia Park.

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Israel – Off Grid Hub to be Launched at the Eilat-Eilot Green Energy Conference


Israel Seen through the New technology center in southern Israel will promote the development and demonstration of off grid technologies for developing and emerging markets. credit-aran-dolev2

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Tmura – the Israeli Public Service Venture Fund Passes $10 Million for Charity

Tmura                    360 Israeli and Israel-related high-tech companies have participated in Tmura’s equity donation program to date in support of the organization’s fundraising efforts.  Tmura is the Hebrew word for change or metamorphosis and also means value for money; it is also a play on the word “truma”, which means donation.  Or… you may prefer our creative dictionary definition:  tmu·ra \tmu-ra’\ n and v [akin to truma gift] (21c) 1: the option to create change: as a: changing society for the better b: changing the way the technology sector thinks about value(s) 2: giving the gift of equity esp.: profitable sharing with future(s) in mind.

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Noga Arbell – Sovereign States Don’t Do Hasbara

Noga Arbell

By proving we’re right, Bibi willingly puts the question up for discussion. Photo: Flash90

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