Stuart Ballan – Russell Brand Interview Challenge


Russell_Brand_1734761a     With 12 flights in just 4 weeks, June was an unusually busy month for me.  I was 10,704 km away from home on 12th June, when news of the kidnapping of 3 Israelis, Gilad Shaar, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrach, their combined age less than mine, hit the press.

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Harley Zipori – A Cool Breeze


In my last blog I lamented to excess about the heat of the summer. No complaints this time but please read to the end for info on an important event.

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Jack Cohen – Abbas Blames Hamas

Jack Cohen 367102_Abbas-Haniyeh           For once I agree with Palestinian Pres. Mahmud Abbas of the PA, in an important admission he squarely lays the blame for the destruction in Gaza on Hamas itself

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Israel’s Ambassador speaks out from the heart of Bradford’s ‘Israel-free zone’

Israel's Ambassador

Ambassador Daniel Taub travelled to Bradford after George Galloway MP declared it an “Israel-free zone”. After meeting with local councillors and officials, he gave a lecture to local community and faith leaders.

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 Steve Kramer                One of my readers asked for help in answering friends who have been “awakened” to anti-Zionism by Antony Lerman, who recently wrote, “The End of Liberal Zionism” (8/22/14) in The NY Times Sunday Review.

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This Weeks SANITY Report from Israel – Aug. 31, 2014

This Weeks SANITY Report from Israel upnride

Rendering of the UPnRIDE in standing position. This Weeks SANITY Report from Israel . The highlights include:

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