Followership – Kedoshim – the Great “holiness code”

Followership Followership By Rav. Jonathan Sacks. There is a fascinating sequence of commands in the great “holiness code” with which our parsha begins, that sheds light on the nature not just of leadership in Judaism but also of followership.

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Camp Huntington – Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month:”A Special Camp for the Special Camper” While this wonderful camp is not in Israel, by presenting this article we hope to encourage people to support such an effort here too.

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Commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day With the IDF on the Internet

Holocaust Memorial Day    Holocaust Memorial Day:
In a few days, we will commemorate the memory of the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust and the bravery of all those who stood up against Nazi barbarism. This year, the IDF is putting together a special social media project. With your help, we will pay tribute to Holocaust survivors across various social networks.

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Yarden Yehezkel – IDF ID number 90210

90210 90210 : Yarden Yehezkel, 19, grew up in the luxurious Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles • Yarden decided she wanted to take a different path from her classmates — by moving to Israel and fulfilling her dream of serving in the IDF.

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Michael Brown: Israeli-American Artist and New Immigrant to Israel

 Israeli-American Artist    Israeli-American Artist Michael Brown currently lives and works in the Neve Tzedek area of Tel Aviv after making Aliyah to Israel 4 years ago. Since then, he has been actively pursuing his passion and love for glass art and digital photography.

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This Weeks Sanity Report from Israel – April 21, 2014

 Sanity Report from Israel

Sanity Report from Israel highlights include: Israeli scientists have discovered a defective gene that triggers colitis. An Israeli Arab Technion graduate won Israel’s version of MasterChef. Tel Aviv University offers entrepreneurial scholarships to Indian women. Watch as an Israeli device recharges smartphones in 30 seconds. An Israeli scientist has built a bionic fin for an injured sea turtle. Tel Aviv skies lit up with the launch of a new Israeli satellite. An Israeli app has resulted in thousands of Passover meals being sent to needy people.

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