Tsvi Bisk – PC Linguistic Doctrine

tsvi bisk. linguistic_levels13721

President Obama is correct – words actually mean something. If we use phrases like “radical Islamist extremism” we stain the reputation of a great peace loving religion and offend hundreds of millions of peace loving Muslims. Nice, tolerant, multicultural people just don’t do things like that.

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Steve Kramer  Steve Kramer:  The New York Times editorialized that the recently scheduled, third speech by Prime Minister Netanyahu to Congress will harm US-Israel ties. The Times of Israel quoted a White House spokesman that, “Netanyahu spat in our face.” What’s the furor about? After all, Netanyahu is not the first foreign statesman to address this august body three times (Winston Churchill also did so.)

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70 Days for 70 Years – Remember the Past to Build the Future

70 days for 70 years

“I should like someone to remember that there once lived a person named David Berger.” David in his last letter, Vilna 1941

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Tsvi Bisk – The Optimistic Jew Chapter 14 – The Triumph of Jewish Hasbara

Tsvi Bisk. NBN-BG-1

A major turning point in modern Jewish history was the recognition that Israel’s war was Grand Strategic and involved the entire Jewish People. Grand Strategy refers to economic, political, social and public relations resources as well as military. Chapters 11, 12, and 13 have dealt primarily with the economic, political and social aspects of the struggle. This chapter will deal primarily with public relations, or as we say in Hebrew Hasbara.

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Tel Aviv Engineering Students Bring Clean Water Solution To Tanzania


Tel Aviv Engineering Students

Like many good stories, this one began with food. A group of students at TAU’s Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering organized a campus beer and bratwurst sale to kickstart fundraising for a volunteering project in Africa.(From left) Maayan, Tomer, Eran, Roey and Meital

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Barry Shaw – BDS lies, but facts are stubborn things

Barry Shaw. Leila Khaled funds raising for BDS in SA

What I find objectionable about any BDS campus debate, if it is at all possible to have an even-handed debate about BDS, is that they inevitably take the form, not of examining the real motives and ultimate aim of BDS but, instead, turn solely to the “merits” of its perceived mission.

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Egyptian President Al-Sisi at Al-Azhar: We Must Revolutionize Our Religion

Egyptian President Al-Sisi . Egypt-president-Abdel-Fattah-al-Sisi-jpg

In a speech delivered at Al-Azhar on December 28, 2014, Egyptian President Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi called to combat extremist ideology and said: “We need to revolutionize our religion.” Calling for “religious discourse that is in keeping with its times,” Al-Sisi warned that “the Islamic nation is being torn apart and destroyed” by extremism.

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Jonathan Sacks Telling the Story – BO

jonathan sacks

Go to Washington and make a tour of the memorials and you will make a fascinating discovery. Begin at the Lincoln Memorial with its giant statue of the man who braved civil war and presided over the ending of slavery. On one side you will see the Gettysburg Address, that masterpiece of brevity with its invocation of “a new birth of freedom.” On the other is the great Second Inaugural with its message of healing: “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right …”

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IDF to Honor Four Female Soldiers from Operation Protective Edge

IDF. female idf

The IDF will award 53 soldiers, among them 4 women, military decorations for their service during this past summer’s Operation “Protective Edge.” Among the women, one received a citation (talash), and three others received medals of appreciation from the Israeli Southern Command. Female IDF soldier on maneuvers. Photo: IDF.

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Israel Seen As an Economic Engine for 2015

Israel Seen. 121714info-start-up-chartF-583x839

Silicon Valley has Tel Aviv breathing down its back.

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