“Jews don’t need to agree with each other, but they do need to care about each other.”

Jews sacks

On Sunday 9th November, Rabbi Sacks delivered a keynote plenary address to the Jewish Federations of North America’s 2014 General Assembly gathering in Washington DC. In front of over 3,000 professional and lay leaders from the Federation network, Rabbi Sacks spoke about Jewish unity and diversity noting that “Jews don’t need to agree with each other, but they do need to care about each other.”

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The Search for Israeli Cuisine – Upcoming PBS Documentary


The Search for Israeli Cuisine

Inside look at Israeli cuisine with interviews from some of Israel’s finest chefs.

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NGO Monitor – Adalah´s Misleading Charges of Racism

ngo monitor    Today, NGO Monitor released a report on the Israeli NGO Adalah and its misleading database that mischaracterizes Israeli laws as “racist.” The report, “Imagining Racism to Demonize Israel,” highlights the exploitative charges in Adalah’s “Discriminatory Laws in Israel” database. According to NGO Monitor’s analysis, Adalah brands all Jewish aspects of Israel as racist, ignores laws that specifically protect ethnic minorities, misquotes laws, and deceptively includes fringe proposals that never became law.

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Jack Cohen – Another extension on Iran

jack cohen

Can you ever remember a time when the West was not negotiating with Iran to prevent their development of a nuclear weapon?

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Barry Shaw – The Ferguson incident as a metaphor for Israel

Barry Shaw  police-shooting-missouri

Provocative as it may sound, the Ferguson incident is a metaphor for Israel’s problems in the world. Let me explain.

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Ayalim – Renewing the Pioneers of Israel

Ayalim    Ayalim - Bringing young adults to live and volunteer in the toughest places in Israel to serve as its newest Pioneers.

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