Tsvi Bisk – The Optimistic Jew Chapter Four

The optimistic Jew

I believe that in order to rejuvenate Zionism we have to reinvent Israel-Diaspora relations. The driving force behind a revitalized Israeli-Diaspora relationship should be the Diaspora and not Israel.

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Mordechai Kedar – Why we keep getting the Middle East wrong

mordechai kedar

Dr Mordechai Kedar spoke to a Fathom Forum in London in September 2014 about why so many Western commentators get Middle Eastern politics so wrong.

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Jonathan Sacks – Confronting Violence in the Name of God

Jonathan Sacks    One of the most important and profound  lectures to date by Jonathan Sacks. This is for everyone who is concerned about the violent unstable trends in the world. You can skip to 14 minutes to avoid the intro if desired.

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Israel – What are the origins of the “Palestinians” ?


We decided to put this video up for information purposes only. It is compelling and factually honest. While it doesn’t solve any of the present difficulties it does put certain narratives aside as creative illusions.

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Tsvi Bisk – The Optimistic Jew Chapter Three

The Optimistic Jew

I am neither a classical Zionist nor a post-Zionist. I suppose I might call myself a neo-Zionist. I accept the fundamental premise of classical Zionism that Jewish sovereignty over a small area of the earth’s surface is a prerequisite to physical survival and a necessity for Jewish self-esteem and self confidence.

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Erez Jacob Ofer – Israel Vegan Fest 2014 – Exclusive

 Israel Vegan Fest 2014

Written and Experienced by Erez Jacob Ofer. I know, Vegan Festival 2014 sponsored mainly by Eden Teva Market and Vegan Friendly.co.il already happened about 2 weeks ago, it’s “old news”, yadda yadda yadda, but sometimes the greatest things in life take longer for one to only begin to fully process.

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