Jonathan Sacks – How perfect were the patriarchs and matriarchs?

Jonathan Sacks

In an extraordinary series of observations on this week’s parsha, Nahmanides (Ramban, Rabbi Moses ben Nahman Girondi, 1194 – 1270), delivers harsh criticisms of Abraham and Sarah. The first has to do with Abraham’s decision, after arriving at the land of Canaan, to leave and go to Egypt because “there was a famine in the land.” On this Nahmanides says:

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Mordechai Kedar – Behind the Attempt to Assassinate Yehuda Glick

Mordechai Kedar

Why did Islamists target Yehuda Glick? And what does it tell us about Israeli Arab plans for Israel and Jerusalem? The plan for the attempted assassination of Yehuda Glick is just one phase of the long term struggle for Jerusalem between an Islam that sees itself as the true religion on the one hand, and the very existence of Judaism (and Christianity) – false religions in Islamic eyes – on the other.

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Eli E. Hertz – Myths and Facts – State of its own and International Law

Eli E. Hertz - Myths and Facts    The “Mandate for Palestine,” an historical League of Nations document, laid down the Jewish legal right to settle anywhere in western Palestine, the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, an entitlement unaltered in international law and protected to this day by Article 80 of the UN Charter, that laid down the Jewish right of settlement in the whole of western Palestine, recognizes the continued validity of the rights granted to all states or people, or already existing international instruments including those adopted by the League of Nations [such as the “Mandate for Palestine"].

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Tsvi Bisk – The Optimistic Jew Chapter Four

The optimistic Jew

I believe that in order to rejuvenate Zionism we have to reinvent Israel-Diaspora relations. The driving force behind a revitalized Israeli-Diaspora relationship should be the Diaspora and not Israel.

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Mordechai Kedar – Why we keep getting the Middle East wrong

mordechai kedar

Dr Mordechai Kedar spoke to a Fathom Forum in London in September 2014 about why so many Western commentators get Middle Eastern politics so wrong.

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Jonathan Sacks – Confronting Violence in the Name of God

Jonathan Sacks    One of the most important and profound  lectures to date by Jonathan Sacks. This is for everyone who is concerned about the violent unstable trends in the world. You can skip to 14 minutes to avoid the intro if desired.

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