Jennifer Moses – Dear Fellow Liberals: I’m Done Apologizing for Israel

Jennifer Moses  gaza underground

As a species, we don’t seem to cotton to facts—especially when it comes to Jews

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Steve Kramer – The Story Behind the Temple Mount

 1   Western Wall Plaza.  Steve Kramer: I had last visited the Temple Mount in 1982, on a synagogue-sponsored trip from New Jersey. My memories of that visit are hazy, but Michal and I got another chance just before Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. We joined a Tel Aviv University-sponsored trip, guided by archeologist/historian Dr. Stephen Rosenberg, whose fascinating articles have been published in the Jeruslalem Post.

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This Weeks Sanity Report from Israel Sept. 21, 2014

Weeks Sanity Report from Israel  20140917_172354

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Tel Aviv – Maxim Vengerov Festival and Sheinkin St. Shofar Blast


Saturday night at the Charles Bronfman Auditorium at Habima Sq. in Tel Aviv Violinist and Conductor Maxim Vengerov performed. It was a unique experience to listen to a former child protege now one of the brightest and exciting stars in the classical world perform live.

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Dr. Einat Wilf – Regards from Israel

Einat Wilf flag

Dear Friends, Let’s face it, it has been a terrible summer. Even for those of us lucky enough not to have had to mourn the personal loss of a loved one, this summer of war has taken an emotional and mental toll much greater than many of us initially admitted. The spirit was one of “a stiff upper lip”, but nerves were frayed and, in between the sirens, few of us were able to do anything more then stay glued to the television.

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Jack Cohen – Eat Your Soup!

Jack Cohen lentil-and-chicken-soup

Lentil and chicken soup. Jack takes us on a journey into familiar realms as we enter Shabbat.

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